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Hi everyone, it is really exciting to be here to make a link between London, one of the oldest and most famous tourist destinations in the world by Visit England and Timor Leste, the newest and most exciting, a small South-East Asian island, 400km north of Australia with unspoilt beaches and a rich culture and history. From Darwin it’s just over an hour by plane.  It has been named by The Telegraph ” The fifth world’s newest countiries” also noted  by the BBC UK Still, very few visitors travel to the country, and its beaches are empty.

Our aim is to create connections between these two destinations, helping Timorese visitors to get the most out of their visit to London; while introducing the great attractions of the little known destination of Timor Leste to UK travellers with a desire to explore this new exciting undiscovered country.

What we do

We are a new independent tourism consultancy with a mission to make connections between East Timor and London.  With over twelve years’ experience in UK tourism and hospitality, and full in-depth local and national knowledge of East Timor, we are ideally equipped to deal with your holiday wishes and even go beyond the bounds of tourism in forging links between the two destinations, whether you are –


In the UK

We aim to provide UK travellers with all they need to visit and explore the unique destination of East Timor, with its unspoilt beaches, vibrant culture, fascinating history and breathtaking scenery.

With expert knowledge of the destination’s offers and fluency with communication.


We can also offer UK travellers advice on :

  • finding voluntary work or placement in Timor Leste, if you want to learn the language or about the history, so that you can support the East Timor community while enjoying this new undiscovered destination, we can connect you to the right people in East Timor
  • preparing for your visit; travel related documents for your visit
  • travel, attractions, amenities, accommodation and the best activities to suit you
  • drawing up an itinerary for your stay
  • liaising with your hosts to ensure a smooth and successful time on this special island.  We can do this for you.
  • Investing in this newly established nation. We can connect you to the right people  for business, banking or sustainable development tourism projects to help our country. Retail, manufacturing, construction, arts, entertainment, recreation wholesale trade.
  • Seeing the wide-ranging, diverse aspects of this new, undiscovered destination, while supporting local business (community based tourism services in Timor). We can make the connections, so that your visit is as enjoyable as possible.



For visitors from East Timor, we specialise in fun, informative and unusual ways to see London. Choose from a menu of pre-designed guided tours or let us put something together especially for you.

Led by a Timorese guide with vast experience of London, fluent in Tetum, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian as well as English, we can offer anything from a walking tour of the sights to a full exploration of London and surrounding attractions over several days.

Our aim is to take you to see unusual aspects of the city while getting you the best deals to save you money (restaurants, transport, amenities and services around london)  so that your visit is as enjoyable as possible.

And with specialised knowledge of the languages and culture in both destinations, we can make sure you get the very best out of your visit without spending too much.

Additionally For East Timorese coming to London we offer advice on :

  • looking for voluntary work, to learn English  or even to get access to the higher education in the UK we are here to help
  • If you want to expand your business in the UK and looking to work together with western investors from banking industry, travel and tourism industry or even small businesses, Timor London is here to connect with these companies
  • We aim to connect investors and business who are interested in expanding their market and explore new destination and new products

Wherever you are coming from and whether your interest is in business or pleasure, we can help you find the solution to your enquiry.  So drop us an email or give us a call at Timor London Travel, telling us what you are interested in; and we will get to work on fulfilling your desires.


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