Tourism in Dili, Timor Leste: Can it help to cure or will it make things worse?

Current Toursim Development in East Timor

Timor London Travel

In 1999, after a bitter struggle for many years, Timor Leste (in English East Timor) gained independence from Indonesia, which had occupied it since the Portuguese colonial rule was withdrawn in 1975. Since establishing its own government, problems have remained, most notably conflict between different factions of the community leading to violence and destruction on several occasions. This has meant reliance on support from UN peace keeping forces and Australian and Portuguese troops over the last 10 years. The western part of the island of Timor is still part of Indonesia. Australia is the nearest neighbour of the developed world, lying 400 km south east and it is from there that many business contacts and political links have been formed. The country is largely mountainous and heavily forested, with a tropical climate.

The population of Timor-Leste is around 1.1 million, with 75%, or 785,000 people, classified as living in rural…

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